About us

Laing Construction has been in business since 2001 in the Southern Peninsula area. The business is conducted on honesty, reliability and a high standard of workmanship, set out by the management.

Laing Construction are versatile and have wide experience in Timber Frame Construction work as well as Brick and Mortar work in the residential home environment. We are experienced in project management of new buildings, alterations, renovations, additions as well as loft rooms, timber decks and various other minor works. Laing Construction also had successfully renovated a 200 year old building in the Simons Town historical mile, “The Prince Alfred Building”.

Laing Construction’s expertise lies therein that the owners/management have practical experience in 95% of all the fields of trading/workmanship that is required in their line of business.

Laing Construction has over the years, built up a client base on a word of mouth system, for whom recurring work was done. Recommendation letters and contact details are available on request of clients previously worked for.

Laing Construction is registered with all the relevant government bodies it legally must adhere to. The business manages its labour force according to the Labour Act and the Building Industrial Barging Council rules and regulations.

Laing Construction’s Management is committed to deliver a high standard of workmanship and service to our clients, and to do all the work according to standard building practices as been described in the National Building Regulations and National Home Builders Registration Council codes for building practices.